Thursday, May 27, 2010

The éclat of Geraldine Page in a cool grey room...

One of my enduring film obsessions has got to be
Geraldine Page in Woody Allen's Interiors (1978).
Yes, the death of an interior decorator was serious stuff
for Mr. Allen — but Ms. Page was there to support
and she meant business. The film looks very much like
an Ingmar Bergman opus, masterly photographed
in cool greys by Gordon Willis. The scheme was set to mirror
the tragic despair of Eve, Ms. Page's character —
and both are brilliant beyond belief.
Of course, these stills do not do the film justice.
If you've never watched Interiors, add it to your list
and view the beautiful grisaille color scheme in its
production design. This monochromatic grey
is like a stoic character itself, standing aside and
watching the subtle drama play out among the actors.
I love Eve's dress in this shot, her too-perfect hair,
the symmetry. Truly a masterpiece.

"Miss Page, looking a bit like a youthful Louise Nevelson with mink-lashed eyes, is marvelous — erratically kind, impossibly demanding, pathetic in her loneliness and desperate in her anger."

— Vincent Canby, from his 1978 review of the film


stills via 2thewalls

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