Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Sharing...

Sitting side by side, these bright-white terraced
townhomes reside in Klampenborg — situated between
Copenhagen and Helsingør and facing the Sound and
Southern Sweden.
Photographed by Mikkel Adsbøl, the whitewashed
interior of this particular home becomes
immediate inspiration to bleach out my own
living quarters. What is up with me? One day
— dark and moody. The next — fresh and full of light.
I adore simple vignettes like this one —
once again created by Katrine Martensen-Larsen.
Fantastic artwork throughout this home.
See what I mean?
Pretty, but not precious.
More simple studies of simple objects.
I want this light coming through my
kitchen window.
once again, via kmldesign


  1. wonderful. I might have to borrow these images myself. thanks for always giving us the best stuff...

  2. STUNNING. happy to have found you.. have a great weekend xx pam

  3. Wow- those stairs might have just inspired a country house paint job. How exciting!