Monday, May 17, 2010

Why do I get so stressed?

I'm preparing for the 4-Year Anniversary Open House
here at Finderskeepers Market — and my mile-long
checklist just seems to keep growing. I've still got a
few weeks, but somehow it just never seems like there
is enough time to prepare the way I like to prepare.
Yes, I obsess over everything. The open house is
scheduled for Saturday, June 12.
These two images seem to take me away
and make me enjoy the fantasy of temporary
relaxation. Then again, all photographs
from Annika Vannerus are fantastical.


  1. What peaceful images. I can relate to the mind not relaxing when working on all the To Do's. Hopefully, you'll find some time to relax and imagine yourself boating in peaceful waters friend!

    Best regards and good luck with your open house! I'm betting it will be amazing!!!

    Reynolds Still

  2. Love this second image. Nothing beats lazing in the garden, a good book, a soft pillow, and birdsong all around.
    I'm sure all your stress will pay off and the open house will be a major success.

  3. Chill, baby, chill. All will be well.

  4. We all have a tendency to turn our "gifts" into chores. Remember, James, to enjoy your gift too!

  5. The shop rarely feels like a chore, but boy do I get tired sometimes. I just pushed myself too much last week — that is all. All the detail stuff is coming up. That's my favorite part. Thanks for all the kind words.

  6. Deep breaths and virtual vacations can do wonders...
    Best with the open house, would love to be able to attend.

    (Your shops website is amazing...looking forward to seeing your wares and hopefully, your design work soon - after the open house of course) ;)

  7. @ 24 Corners — There are some shop visuals around the February and March postings. Of course everything has changed since then, but still it will give you an idea what Finderskeepers Market is all about. Enjoy.