Sunday, May 16, 2010

Manly Grooming Nirvana...

Los Angeles, California has an aesthetic
so direct and functional you just know
there is no way you'll be walking out
not looking your absolute manly best.


  1. Loved the post James! It's nice to know that a guy can still get a hair cut and leave the barber with his manhood still in tact! Great visuals!!!

    Best regards,
    Reynolds Still

  2. These pictures are just beautiful! Just found you via Perfect Gray. Great blog! I'll be back.

  3. Lucky guys! All of *our* beauty establishments are always so "spa-ish"...ready for something new, this would be a good start!
    Everything is amazing...especially those vintage barber chairs! What a place to get all "handsomed up" in (that's what a certain 7 year old I know calls it)! J~