Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Perfect slumber, why dost thou elude me?

As with all of the transformations that have taken place
at Finderskeepers Market, the current makeover is
causing me to lose sleep. So I am seeking refuge in
this list of intriguing (and hopefully sleep inducing)
bedrooms. Here, a Picasso lithograph, a Louis XV chair
once owned by Geoffrey Beene, and a Balinese
driftwood bench punctuate the sleeping quarters.
Kevin Carrigan and Tim Furzer's eclectic choices
have created a soothing and stylish space.
Oh yeah — love that door!
Alessandra Branca designed the bedroom
in this tempting pied-à-terre. The space is
swathed in Irish Linen and more stripes than
you could shake a stick at!
A mirror and six framed lithographs create
the headboard in this Jeffery Povero bedroom.
I love the pumpkin coverlet paired with
the graphite walls.
Jewelry designer Fruzsina Keehn collaborated
with designer Alex Papachristidis on her London
bedroom. I especially enjoy the French gilt-wood
mirror against the dove-grey walls. The silk taffeta
curtains cocoon the space with a sense of
luxurious comfort and ease.
Hudson Valley defined! Magazine editor
Dara Caponigro hung airy netting to create a
dreamy canopy in the master bedroom
of her lakefront house.
Fashion designer Zang Toi finished his antique
mahogany bed with layer after layer of glossy black
paint. The results are masculine, seductive, and
genius. In addition, the chandelier has been
adorned with silver-plate instruments. Fantastic!
A collage of British royal portraits rule Paul Donaher’s
bedroom in Water Mill, New York. Nannette Brown
collaborated on the project that also features an
18th-century ebonized bed plucked from the
Brimfield antiques fair.
By now you are all familiar with my Darryl Carter
design-crush — so what is one more photograph going
to hurt? Peaceful simplicity is personified in this
Carter designed bedroom.
Bruce Glickmen and Wilson Henley have filled this
bedroom with so much personality that it nearly
jumps off the page. I love the mixutre of artwork
and the John Robshaw textiles. The low-end
West Elm headboard proves that a good choice
is a good choice no matter the price.
all images via Elle Decor


  1. not to snub DC at all, James, cause I do love him; but the first image wins hands down...you're gonna need to tweek it somewhat for YOUR look, but it's almost there...

  2. Oooh! Ooooh! Ooooooh! I pick number two, and I don't even LIKE stripes. All that fabric is just so cocooning.

  3. They are all just too stunning! If I MUST pick, I pick the last three! Going to Brimfield Friday, hopefully I'll score something like that amazing bed!