Thursday, October 21, 2010

Recent Finderskeepers Market Photos...

Here are a few recent photographs taken by Lauren Flaherty.
Make sure you click on the images to see the larger versions
with more details. Everything is currently changing for
the upcoming holiday events here at the shop.
These sweeping views of room vignettes are so hard to capture.
Lauren did a stellar job!
More photos to come! I look forward to sharing them.


  1. Simply Beautiful! Love it all:)))
    Blessings, Carol

  2. Fantastic. The photos really bring the shop to life.

  3. Wow - just came across your blog. I was looking for some inspiration on swedish stoves and found you! Love your blog and I wish I could visit your boutique but a bit far to travel from Ireland! New follower ..Thks Sinead

  4. I'm catching up on some blogging tonight and can't tell you how delighted I was to finally see some photos of the shop - what an eye! Ah! I hope to be able to do something even half as fabulous one day xx