Thursday, October 14, 2010

Billy Reid...

Whether it is his home, his clothing, or his
retail spaces — fashion designer Billy Reid is a
classic through and through. With a laid-back mix
of new and vintage items, the Reids have put their
own spin on true Southern style. Here, a 19th-century
English sideboard holds a collection of plates
in their Alabama home.
The Reids repurposed salvage from the renovation
of their house to put their unique trademark
on the kitchen's details. Bricks from the basement
are now a backsplash — and the sink rests comfortably
in an old gardening table.
A collection of teacups are displayed inside
an old bun warmer.
Antique linens, a barley table, and an old
shaving bowl create a fantastic sink in one
of the home's bathrooms.
The extra-long tub is original to the house,
and the plates above it are from Billy's grandmother.
Some have described Reid's classic American design
aesthetic as "southern luxury." He describes it as
"Southern preppy meets workwear junkie meets
East Village folk." However you describe it, the
point of the matter is that Reid knows his clothes.
In fact, Reid was was recently awarded the 2010
GQ/CFDA Best New Menswear Designer in America.
A few of my favorites include these black Kentwood Loggers.
Distressed cordovan is the highlight of the Airy Hat.
100% Camel Hair Carcoat — a classic indeed.
Billy Reid simply defines easy, classic menswear.
An interior shot of Reid's Florence, Alabama store.
Home photographs via Country Living.
Retail interior photograph via Deep Fried Kudzu.

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