Wednesday, October 27, 2010

NVR vignette...

One of my favorite nooks in the shop
includes this wonderful collection of
NVR finds. The vintage osteology chart
just sold, so now I am trying to decide
what should take its place above that
functional little factory table (notice
the jute twine laced up the leg). On top,
an ariculated lamp clamps onto the corner,
a cloche collects a group of antique shoe forms,
and an abacus is ready to perform some arithmetic.
Below, a burlap covered trunk holds a vintage
file box and a boxed collection of correspondence
between Mr. Justice Holmes and Sir Frederick Pollock
(1874-1932). Linen curtains accented with
quilted chocolate velvet frame the scene.
(click on the photo to view the details)


  1. great stuff, james. do you find it hard to part with some that chart? I think I would. it's a beaut.

  2. It is sometime hard, but I know that chart is going to a good home ;)

  3. Love this! Your images are always inspiring and well-edited ...

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  5. I've been dying to see inside your shop...and since your not right around the corner, this will do very nicely, love the nook! The old letters intrigue me...
    xo J~

  6. just found your blog. Drooling over the osteo chart and lamp, plus everything else.