Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh Little Edie, I've got so much love...

Ahhh, the story of clutter and beauty via photographer
Mark Seliger for Vogue Spain. Seliger has captured
the spirit of Grey Gardens and Little Edie for this
inspired editorial. If you have never had the
privelege to watch Grey Gardens and view
Little Edie in all of her glamour and tragic grandeur —
I beg you to click here now and enjoy every moment.
"There's a fine line between the past and the present."
— Little Edie
images via Glamourai


  1. Great looking shoot, G Gardens is a favorite.
    I love the look of these pics, very agedly appropriate / glammed up but just the right amount of creative thought.

  2. Excellent post...thanks for sharing..K

  3. love, love...love this. little edie is my inspiration on many o down days. she really new how to rally when she had to.