Friday, October 8, 2010

Farrow & Ball Living with Color...

Farrow & Ball Living with Color has finally been
released — and below are two stunning photos from
the book to get you excited. Kudos to Jan Baldwin
for some fantastic images.
Conrad Roeber and David Townsend's Soho flat is
featured in the book. The color break between the
wall and the ceiling really showcases their fantastic
collection of artwork. A glimmering disco ball
overhead keeps the mood light.
In another space, dark, atmospheric color
washes the walls. Brilliant accessories never hurt!
Thanks to Laura Day for the heads up. Make sure you
click on the images to view all the wonderful details.

1 comment:

  1. Am excited to hear this! We specified F&B for our interior design projects for years - favorites included "pigeon", "picture gallery red". And I have personally used their paint all over my house ("white tie", "stone white", "straw"). The colors are traditional and classic and work well with the moody / watery / reflective light of our island. Painters like working with it. It is expensive but it goes further and lasts longer so in the end one wonders. Besides … with names like "dead salmon", "mouses back" and "arsenic", who could help themselves? Wall papers are wonderful too! A great resource!