Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Total inspiration overdrive...

It is amazing what the creative eye can
achieve. Sure, you can pluck some amazing
things off the showroom floor — but deciphering
context is what it is really all about. Pretty things
are so much prettier when placed by a passionate,
intentional hand. Magic happens.
This brings me to artist/stylist Lisa Madigan.
These images are from her recent home exhibition,
Salted Grace. I am simply bound by the beauty.
The Bamileke headdress above the mantle is
one of my favorite touches.
The marriage of art and space is amazing
in this image. The painting is titled Silent Desire.
I love collections. Better yet, I love
collections displayed with care.
Wood, metal, glass — each transformed
under Lisa's watchful eye.

As usual, please click on the images
to see the larger, impressive versions.


  1. All the open fires in your posts recently have me longing for a country break in a cosy cottage. The vignette in the last image is wonderfully rustic, too.

  2. WOW~~~ I so love each picture!!

  3. Truly gorgeous...thanks so much for sharing! I'm in love with that tiny fireplace...most people would have ripped that out and put some large monstrosity in its's so wonderful to meet artists who know how to showcase the unique beauty of authentic treasures!

    Hope Ava

  4. Yes, Hope — in favor of something they think they are supposed to have.

  5. So funny - I blogged about her this week too.