Monday, August 23, 2010

A Story of White...

The story of white begins on the porch of this
Myra Hoefer designed California home.
I love this creative display of hats. Start collecting!
Moose antlers, chocolate mohair, and fun artwork
create an ecelctic living room.
The owner tosses coins he collects during his
world travels into the fireplace. The bull's-eye
is by artist Michael Ives.
Oly's faux bois-table helps create the feeling
of a sleeping porch in the owner's bedroom.
This intimate space is much smaller than the
guest quarters upstairs.
Study or dine? That is the question.
My favorite room is this libray/dining room
with intersting details too many to count.
I also love this cozy seating area at one end of the kitchen.
A sculptural pitchfork lamp becomes the focal
point in the white sitting room.
Where to begin? The Patricia Edwards chairs
with backs covered in old army blankets? The
picnic-style dining table? The centerpiece of
vintage glove forms? Or the Ingo Maurer
chandelier made from love letters on
Japanese paper?
images via House Beautiful


  1. I agree, where to begin ?!
    I love the faux bois-table, I love the seating area at the end of the kitchen, I am so tempted to have something like the dining room/library instead of shelves on the wall and does throwing your coins in the fire mean you have "money to burn"? :)

  2. That pitch for lamp is seriously bad-ass.

  3. Love the mix of color and texture in every photo . Thanks for sharing!

  4. What fantastic ideas!! Love it!! Best, C

  5. Oh gosh, I love it alllll! I love how intense the rug is in the owners bedroom! The lighting throughout is perfect... and that chandelier... LOVE! I'm a window treatment kinda girl, but the lack of them works so well here... thanks for sharing this!

  6. I love dining room/library combos. SO much cozier than a plain old dining room that never gets used.

  7. This house is so incredible! The details are so thoughtful.

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    Thank you!

    Sarah & Lyndsay