Monday, August 30, 2010

More than just a home office...

Some standouts in this Kevin Carrigan and Tim Furzer
designed home office include an antique carrier pigeon
skeleton inside a Victorian case, a 1920's English desk,
and a vintage Kevi chair by Fritz Hansen.
I love the apothecary storage cabinet and
Privet House factory lights in this
Lili Abir Regen-designed space.
The flea market desk gives this office the
perfect vintage touch.
Don't you just want to spend the day shuffling through
the stacks in this Upper East Side study
of Malmaison Antiques dealer Roger Prigent?
Deborah Buck's study features a 1920's French
armchair and an amazing antique light fixture.
The porter chair in Darryl Carter's D.C. townhouse
definitely makes a statement.
A neoclassical window in an attic studio.
Enough said.
Images via Elle Decor


  1. That first image is lovely, but I'd never get any work done- I'd stare at the pigeon all day! Too cool.

  2. Lots of inspiration for my studio.
    I like the mix of old and new...
    Thanks for the inspiration.