Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For Will at Bright Bazaar...

While perusing the recent postings from Will
over at Bright Bazaar, I was reminded of this
fantastic Annabelle Multi Colored Lamp from
Arteriors. While most of you readers know
how I tend to gravitate toward a tenebrous palette,
Will's passion for color always seems to inspire
me to dip into the saturated pool a little more often.
Take a look at the July 30th posting on Bright Bazaar
to see the trigger that inspired this posting.
Will — I hope you enjoy the lamp!


  1. Ah, James, thanks for the kind shout out.

    This lamp is a great find; we've used a copper/gold theme in one of the bedrooms, but this allows some subtle colour to creep in (which you know I love).