Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trying to keep my mansions green, after I've Grey Gardens seen...

Image via Light Locations
As many of you, I've been a fan for years of the Maysles'
70's documentary Grey Gardens. So now it makes me
so happy to see Ms. Drew Barrymore having such success
with her performance as Little Edie. Both her Golden Globe
and SAG acceptance speeches were so full of passion and
genuine gratitude that I nearly teared up a bit myself.
I love seeing passion like that and cannot fathom the thought
of not having my own passion. Interior design is my passion.
Some have said that interior design
is materialistic and without meaning. I think it brings
dignity, functionality, and true quality to people's lives.
Besides, isn't it enough to genuinely love
what you do?
Little Edie certainly lived a passionate life.
To some, her life might have looked sad
and full of desperation — but I saw a woman
hell-bent on sharing her creativity.
Sure, there was squalor and instability.
Even in those times Little Edie
held her own, pinned artwork to the walls,
danced her dance, and clothed herself
in the most revolutionary costumes of the day!
The space shown above reminded me of Grey Gardens —
albeit a much cleaner and palatable version. Whenever
I think of the documentary, I also think of
Rufus Wainwright's beautiful song...
But beware my heart can be a pin
A sharp silver dragonfly
Trying to keep my mansions green
After I've Grey Gardens seen

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