Thursday, January 28, 2010

Collier West Twig Fetish...

If you've read The New Victorian Ruralist only a little bit,
then you still probably know just how much I enjoy a good
twig, branch, or plain old stick. I really can't explain it.
Perhaps Collier West shares my penchant for organic offshoots —
hence, the twig & branch chandeliers. $985 - $5000

1 comment:

  1. Definitely a chapter member of the eco arts. (or shall I say a member of a local branch...ahahaa
    I have been decorating with twigs and branches ever since I could make a mud pie. At CW, we penned the phrase "Mother Nature is the original decorator." We also subscribe to what you call the new Victorian ruralist. (I had'nt heard that term before). For a great aligned read; check out Wabi Sabi for Designers (author Koren). All the best to you and do pay us a visit if you make it to Columbus Ohio!
    Suzi West - proprietor Collier West

    Ps. Just returned from the Paris Home Decor tradeshow and can advise that "natural influences" was the leading trend. It had involved in that market to indoor "gardening" (sort of terrariums but more advanced) to bring naturally emitted oxygen into the home.