Monday, January 11, 2010

Back from Market...

Just arrived home from the Atlanta Market and
thought I'd better offer a little update. We had a
fun and productive trip, so I will definitely be
sharing more tomorrow. One little update I'll
share for now... Lollia is finally coming
to Finderskeepers!
Lollia is created by designer Margot Elena,
an innovator of luxurious formulas and signature
packaging for over a decade. Margot is well known
for her first company, Archive, a well established
luxury bath brand. She has designed products for some
of the nation's top retailers including Restoration Hardware
and Red Envelope.
Inspired by soft, sophisticated textiles and the warmth
of lovely homes, the Lollia look comes to life.
Lollia's ever expanding range will offer finely made
lifestyle items for life and home and will bring
distinctive design and attention to even the smallest,
charming details.
Join us in celebrating gracefulness and beauty
with Lollia's signature mix and match patterns.
Unconscious allure.
Unstudied sophistication.
Quiet moments and close friends.
This is Lollia.
Come in to find your story in the Lollia Life Library
at Finderskeepers.

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