Monday, March 5, 2012

Snow Day...

We finally got some significant snow here in Kentucky.  This winter has been so mild everyone had been fooled into thinking spring was already here.  I saw the huge flakes starting to fall last night at bedtime, and woke this morning to a beautiful blanket of white.  The crockpot is tending to potato soup for this evening's dinner, Randy is home for the day, and Ina Garten is chirping in the background.  I'm set.
Been waiting all winter to use this gorgeous image.  Anyone know the photographer?


  1. Lovely photograph. Hope the tornados missed you over the weekend.

  2. I love snow in Vancouver, we had just a skiff last night...but it was still magical...your picture is perfect -

  3. The lack of snow has been a novelty here in Canada, but winter's not over yet.
    It is a great image, and it's from