Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Simple Bath...

There are so many simple details to admire in this bathroom.  First, of course, are those windows and the beautiful light they allow in.  The treatment on the windows was a great, understated choice as well. The linen-colored fabric, the tiny drapery rings, and the aged bronze finish of the hardware do little to distract from the view -- yet they serve a purpose too, both functionally and aesthetically.  Dark finished woods, ochre-colored walls, vintage textiles,  and minimal accessories complete the well-conceived look.  Oh yes, then there is that soaking tub...


  1. Beautiful setting and the tub looks lovely in the space.

  2. Beautiful!. The bathroom's picture keeps being posted continuously on Tumblr and Pinterest! A lot of more coverage will be gained by your blog if on the right platform :).