Thursday, March 29, 2012

JCT Kitchen & Bar...

We recently enjoyed an incredible lunch at JCT Kitchen & Bar in Atlanta.  The handsome dining rooms were the perfect combination of both rustic and refined elements.  Exposed brick, weathered woods, pristine whites, and subtle fabrics created a beautifully relaxed atmosphere and set the scene for tables of delicious food. 


  1. This surely looks inviting....
    James, I found your blog through pure coincidence, but I must say, although I make a few more words then you, many of my design sensibilities correlate with yours! Your images are delightful! I am so glad I came!

  2. Lovely. What fun it sounds like you had.

  3. I was just there(last Thursday night) with some friends while visiting ATL, what amazing food...AND decor!!

    Natalie W.