Thursday, November 11, 2010

Alex MacArthur...

Alex MacArthur's shop is located 101 St. Georges Rd.
in East Sussex. Brilliance abounds!
I love the gymnast rings.
A crock of arrows — just in case.
A sofa and its portrait.
Delicate vs. Rustic. Love it!
I have a stone cow on display at Finderskeepers right now.
Mine reclines in a copper tray filled with straw and
silver-dipped pinecones.
The magic of a cloche.
A wall of horses.
Gorgeous display!
I mean really — are you with me here? Is this place
beyond fantastic, or what?
Manly chair. Manly shelf.
Got to get my hands on some glass funnels now.

The next few images are from MacArthur's home,
where everything is also for sale.

 Inside, MacArthur's collection comprises pieces from
17th century ecclesiastical to 20th century industrial.
It all looks like a little decadent corner of Heaven to me!


  1. I love EVERTYHING... but the antique prints underneath the cloche has inspired me. It's way cheaper than having them framed and you can change out the prints whenever you want. Great idea!

  2. This is the most "you" place I've ever seen! Very NVR.

  3. Yes, the shop is beyond fantastic - wish I could magically transport myself to East Sussex so I could have a poke around.

  4. Everything...each item, each display, and each room...are perfect. There is so much genius and beauty here, and such an effortless vibe to it all. Love!

    I like the idea of "reclining in a copper tray filled with silver dipped pine cones"...must give that a try...cows can't be the only ones able to enjoy such a treat! ;)
    xo J~

  5. Shear brilliance. I didn't want to leave.

  6. Great girandole mirror over the fireplace.