Thursday, November 25, 2010

Anthropologie's Christmas Displays...

It always surprises me how Anthropologie's
crafty ways never look cheap or tacky.
Instead, they always look well-thought-out,
homespun, and artisanal. Just take a look
at these pretty frayed fabric pinecones.
Here, a little tree farm has been constructed using
live and soft-sculpture trees.
I love the mix of true, organic materials
and their stylized, handcrafted facsimiles.
Here is a fantastic display of clocks
counting down the days until Christmas.
Hmmm. I might have to steal
this simple idea.
I love the paper cone tree on the left.
This display certainly keeps your eyes moving.
Crazy for this! Especially that knitted chain garland.
Pure holiday fantasy!
Sweet, isn't it? Just look at that little wreath
on the door.
My favorite window!
(make sure you are clicking on these images to see the larger versions!)
images via Anthropologie on Facebook


  1. Anthro's Christmas windows are INSTANT festivity. They make me a happy chap!

    Happy Thanksgiving, J.

  2. Oh my gosh, those are MAGICAL, the tree stumps... Magical, magical, magical.

  3. There the best aren't they?! Such inspiration...

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    xo J~