Friday, November 5, 2010

Caroline Swift — One Beautiful Thing After Another

Bone China Spoons — Presented in hand-made
felt envelopes, tied with a porcelain rose
and gift tag that is embossed with the message
"with love". Simply exquisite.
Caroline Swift's spoons are pure, unglazed white.
Once the head of knitwear for Benetton,
Swift wanted to reconnect with the passion
she once had for design. Now practicing
slow design, the quality of her goods is paramount.
Slow design is not about taking endless amounts
of time to create things; but a philosophy in
taking pride and pleasure in their creation —
then passing them on.
Plainly put, Caroline Swift's wares are
understated, timeless, and uniquely


  1. Oh my. Those spoons are exquisite...and I love the felt packaging.


  2. Truly beautiful, delicate, and elegant. She's quite an artist. I love the term, "slow design". xo J~