Saturday, October 3, 2009

Silly Goose...

...or not so silly — depending on personal taste.
Taxidermy, for some, is just a little (or a lot) off-putting.
I certainly do not mind it in this perfectly appointed
room. There are so many details I enjoy in this space:
the collection on the table, that little wooden chair,
the linen layered chaise, the sculptural wire thing
on the demilune, the color pallette. And yes, the goose —
coming in for an oh so elegant landing.


  1. the horror, the horror..........

    actually maybe it was an evil goose and the others push it into the line of fire

  2. Okay. Here's the deal. For some reason,SOME taxidermy is appalling to me. Like good ol' boy fish, wild turkey, deer covering the pine panelled man cave walls. HOWEVER, I love unusual, more 'natural history specimen' types of mounts. I guess I am a taxidermy snob. Can't wait to hang my lion's head at Brierly!