Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Virtues of Thrift...

 Actors Corbin Bernsen and Amanda Pays have filled their California home with an eclectic mix of fine antiques and flea market bargains.  Here, French marble and steel create a console that holds a lovely tableaux.  The floors are painted Gray Timber Wolf by Benjamin Moore. 
 Amanda painted the wooden settee with gray primer — proving sometimes the solution can be the most basic and simple.  The portrait is by Scottish painter Peter White.
A giant, antique mahogany dining table takes center stage in the kitchen.  The walls are Sydney Harbour's Plaster of Paris, and the lights are re-purposed chicken feeders.
For more of Max Kim-Bee's photos from this home, visit Country Living.


  1. What wonderful rooms ! I love the colors and the light .. we will be moving back to the US in about a month and I will be househunting again, this time for a house in the country- NY or Ct .. here we come :)

  2. I love the kitchen wall of windows, mixing the stainless and the old wooden table.

  3. Happy to hear you are excited about moving back to the states. Best, James

  4. The woods, art, gold - really warm this cool palette - love the mix - so inviting