Sunday, December 16, 2012

Go ahead -- it's chocolate...



  1. I just saw your blog (via Hello Gorgeous). I just wanted to say, I love-love-love your pieces! Next time I'm driving through KY (I'm in Northern VA), I'm stopping by!

  2. They don't "do" chocolate in Buenos Aires, like this .. I actually have cut back on my chocolate consumption due to the fact that it never really tastes that good .. can you imagine ???
    I am so looking forward to the small things in life, when we return to the US ..
    Chocolate being at the top of that list :)

    Happy Holidays , besos, C

  3. This blog is now the VERY first blog I visit each morning, like a welcomed cup of coffee, with a bit of sweet cream. I love it.

    Thank you. It can't be easy to find such treasures to post each day!

    Tracy from Houston