Friday, December 14, 2012

Back in stock at Finderskeepers Market for your last-minute holiday decorating needs...

(A) Beaded Mistletoe
 (B) Milagro Heart Cache
Cavas and Button Ornaments
Santa Lucia Ornaments
White Felted Trees
(A & E) Mercury Bird Clip Ornaments, gunmetal and silver
Canvas Ornaments, frayed edges
Button Ornaments
Milago Tree
Timer Votives, large and smallFu
Fuzzy Sheep and Little Lamb Ornaments
Porcelain Owl Ornaments
Owl Candles, grey only
Silver Forest Ornaments


  1. Oh you little turd, you have everything I want. When I open my own store, I'm going to follow you at market :)

  2. Just Beautiful and I do love that you give us the artists names etc

    xx's K