Monday, June 11, 2012

Dining in Atlanta...

 I will be visiting Atlanta in July.  When traveling, I always look for interesting spots for dinner.  With an interior like this, how could the New Victorian Ruralist pass up No. 246 in Decatur?
 No. 246 boasts not only a gorgeous interior...
 ...but gorgeous food as well.
 The restaurant is sleek and rustic...
 ...with simple details that create a beautiful dining experience.
Image 1 via photographer Helena Piexoto, Images 2 - 5 via photographer Andrew Thomas Lee.
 Eating Appalachia recently featured Bocado on Howell Mill Road.
 Who could resist their Deviled Eggs?  I've heard they make a mean burger too.
 Next -- One Eared Stag.  They had me with that name alone! 
 Here, a communal table is punctuated with huge platters of apples and heirloom tomatoes.
 And what about the food?  Well, I think this photograph from Antoinette Bruno speaks for itself.  Confit range chicken wings with oak barrel-aged hot sauce and Johnson Buttermilk are displayed on a wooden plank.  Just lovely!
 Parish Foods & Goods is both a restaurant...
 ...and a market.
 It is also filled with NVR touches -- so of course I need to visit.
 Their website is fantastic too!
 There's always room for some great Italian food, and STG Trattoria sounds like it could certainly be helpful in that department.
 Will it be the linguini with braised chicken, pork sausage, and scallions -- or the baked strozzapreti with a pork & ham bolognese and fresh mozzarella?
 One spot that is a definite is Richard Blais' The Spence.  In fact, I've already made a reservation!
 This beautiful plate contains veal cheeks with sweet candied horseradish.  I bet it tastes as lovely as it looks.
Last, but not least -- Holeman & Finch.  See pic above.  Enough said.


  1. thank you for this. i too will be in atlanta in july or the shows and am always looking for new restaurants.
    hate to say it but parish has really dropped from my last two visits, will not be back.
    have you heard about 'barcelona?' fairly new and LOVE it. it's in virginia highlands. will definitely try 246.

  2. Mmm I think I need to plan another road trip, destination: aatlanta!

  3. Parish looks awesome! Another reason to visit one of my best buds in ATL!

  4. What about those carbon filament light bulbs. Restoration Hardware wants $15 for a 40 watt bulb. Is it worth it? I bought one and am trying it out. Not much light but it is fun to look at. Kind of like a beautiful woman who can't cook. One just has to decide if they can live with the downside. Linen Queen

  5. I love the mood created by the filament bulbs. We sell them here at Finderskeepers Market for $8 each if you are interested in more.

  6. You have inspired me to visit Atlanta. I adore the Parish and must now go! Should we mention you as someone who referred me??? Love it.

  7. Yes, please mention The New Victorian Ruralist. It is always nice when readers recruit new readers. Thanks!