Sunday, June 3, 2012

That chandelier is back...

Yes -- I'm a bit obsessed.
via Artilleriet


  1. You think you are obsessed ! I live in a place where most of the antique shops and many of the ordinary stores have amazing chandeliers !
    I will be moving back to the US eventually and will be bringing at least 3 chandeliers and a few other antique hanging lights. It is a bonanza here for antiquing :)

  2. That chandelier, wow, Restoration Hardware will be mass producing it soon. That is so attractive. I visit a lot of blogs and look at a lot of shelter magazines. Really it is all such a rearrangement contest. In one picture is a $100 chandelier and another will have a $10,000 chandelier. If you don't know the difference it is often impossible to know which is which. Style becomes a study in cost not imagination. The decorators often are not pushing the envelope they are pushing price. "Here", I almost know they are saying, "You need this. The lady two streets over has one and the new model has just come out. What you have spent so far will be a waste if you don't top it off with this." Whatever "This" is.

    That thin white material over some kind of awkward frame is a pure delight. Makes me glad inside just to see it.

    Thanks for the good blog.