Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The kind of kitchens I dream about...

... are not the cookie cutter McMansion kitchens of HGTV viewers' dreams. You won't see the same old checklist of must haves -- no granite counter-tops, no mosaic tiled backsplashes and stainless steel on every appliance surface. These images show the kind of kitchen I dream of cooking in. Here I could master a pot of Coq au Vin or the perfect loaf of home-baked bread. Here I could share a simple meal with the people I love. There is a warmth here and a sense of character. It is the lived-in imperfections that appeal to me and make these spaces so endearing.


  1. Yes! Could not agree more. I love the vintage 50's stove. They have a heaviness and reliability that can't be matched today. And everything stainless is simply boring after awhile. Wood however, I can live with that forever.

  2. Loooooooove this kitchens too.......expecially the one in the first picture!!! And i´m sooooo in love with grey!! I have posted my own kitchen......maybe you have seen it. Thank you so much, for your inspiration every day!!


  3. My dream is to find an old farmhouse that needs some TLC get it for a bargain....and basically leave it the way it is....and the kitchen you pictured would be my dream kitchen! Lovely lovely!