Thursday, October 27, 2011

Costume Plans...

Ready for Halloween? Tell us about your costume!


  1. I don't wear Halloween costumes, but I do want to share a story about one my brother Marc made when he was nine. This was in the 1950's when all the kids wore cheap, plastic costumes bought at the five and dime. My parents had gone grocery shopping and as soon as they left he locked himself in their bedroom. I was the oldest and "in charge" and I could hear him digging into something in the closet (the bag of old clothes to give away), and then I heard my Mom's sewing machine. I banged on the door but he wouldn't answer and I yelled "You're going to be in so much trouble when Mom gets home!" which he ignored. They came back a couple of hours later and he stepped out of the bedroom wearing a costume he'd made himself. His torso was a black sweater and he'd sewed up 8 different patterned sweater sleeves, stuffed with the rest of the sweaters and attached four to each side of his body. He was A SPIDER! I was awed! So were my parents. When I whispered "What about your face?" he whipped out a black ski mask and put it on. Perfect! I only wish I had a photo. Thanks for letting me share this story. It was almost 50 years ago and I think about it every Halloween.

  2. I would share my costume idea, but it would be RISKY BUSINESS to divulge the secret before the big day...