Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shady Characters...

Sometimes I find design inspiration in the craziest things. Here, vintage Australian police photo mugshots certainly set a mood for a noirish interior. You know they've been up to no good — still, you are intrigued. Well, at least I am.

(click images to view all the sinister details)


  1. I am intrigued too. I'd kill for that door in the last photo, as long as I could stay on the right side of it.

    Great post, as always

  2. These are really cool photos! I have quite the obsession of old photos and the history behind them.

  3. James, LOVED this post and images. A year or so ago when I was remodeling my bath, I had come across several mug shots of men from the 40's. I thought the images were so riveting and had much to tell. Unfortunately, I let a friend of mine talk me out of it as she thought it would be too creepy. I should have stuck with my creative process and purchased them. THANKS for sharing these, as always your taste is impecable!

    Best regards,
    Reynolds Still