Friday, July 15, 2011

Market Day 2 Finds...

Where to begin? The hedgehog bottle opener? The powdered wigs? The French Horn lamp? It was a fun day once again at the Atlanta Market with plenty of finds now on their way to Finderskeepers. Voluspa introduced their latest intoxicating scent, Citron Vert & Vanille -- while several new companies impressed us with their quirky wares. We can't wait to share our buys. In the meantime, enjoy the photos! Day three in Atlanta includes our trip for breakfast at West Egg (see earlier post) and some antique shopping at Love Train.


  1. Sigh... first summer market I have missed in ten years! I see my favorites, some friends booths and some new finds too. Enjoy Love Train, I know I died and went to heaven my first time there!

  2. Once again I'm blown away. I can't believe all the wonderful things that exsist outside of Iowa. I'm jealous you got to go to Love Train. Hope you had a fantastic time!

  3. Please tell me you got the old card catalogs!!