Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thanks Natasha...

We had the honor of meeting a wonderfully talented stylist and "not so nice Jewish girl" (wink) this past Monday. Natasha Louise King was in Lexington, Kentucky shooting a home for Country Living magazine and discovered Finderskeepers Market while doing some prop shopping. Luckily, we had just returned from a weekend vintage buying trip and had plenty of interesting finds to share.
Here I am sharing some of my favorites photos styled by Natasha. Trust me, she is just as delightful as her styling talents.
Based in New York City, Natasha has promised to meet up with us this Fall when we visit the city. I can't wait to be introduced to some of her favorite resources in Brooklyn. Having never made it across the bridge during our past two visits, we look forward to discovering more reasons to love our all-time favorite shopping destination.
Natasha defines comfort, coziness, and personality in this interiors shot.
I think the still life photos are where Natasha's talents truly shine.
Play close attention to the layering in the next few photographs. Stunning stuff!

I was so glad our friend Sarah was able to join us for dinner Monday night with Natasha. I have included this photo specifically for Sarah — just because I knew she would love it so darn much. (Note to Sarah: Yes, sophisticated and "collected" at the same time.)

For more of Natasha's work, click here.


  1. That was a lucky thing, her coming into your shop and getting to meet her. Congrats. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  2. I love her work! How fortuitous!

  3. Lucky, indeed! Meeting her was a real treat. Can't wait to see her completed project. And yes, the "collecticated" look is brilliant (spoken with Natosha's British accent).

  4. i love natasha! she is amazingly lovely and talented ... she styled my house for country living (may 2011) - the images are gorgeous, and so her :) lynn-anne bruns