Thursday, May 26, 2011

6-Day-quick-flipping 600 sq. ft. on a very slim budget...

BEFORE: Out with the undesirable carpet and paint colors.
AFTER: In with new carpet, paint, and a surprisingly spacious layout. We treated the space as if we were designing a boutique hotel room — but without the hefty price tag.
BEFORE: Another view of the main living space shows just how tired the old carpet and paint colors truly were.
AFTER: Using overscaled pieces like the tufted-back sofa, the artwork, and the graphic pattern on the window treatments increased the visual scale of the entire space. Limiting the colors helped this visual trick along even more. Varying grays, blue-grays, beiges, navys, and creams make up the complete palette throughout the city apartment.
BEFORE: Talk about a challenge. The kitchen was in really rough condition with outdated lino flooring, bland and unstable cabinetry, and a horrible countertop. Basically, every detail needed a facelift.
AFTER: Stabilizing and painting the cabinets a deep charcoal made a huge difference — and the addition of contemporary hardware totally transformed their feel. A new countertop, faucet, and sink cleaned up the space and created the backdrop for a well-functioning kitchen. To add more workspace, we extended the countertop, skirted the front, and gained space for some hide-away storage. We are still awaiting a mirrored backsplash.

BEFORE: Yes, that is a terrible fluorescent fixture running across the ceiling in the main living space.

AFTER: With the fluorescent gone, a classic drum shade fixture now illuminates the soft gray of the ceiling. Benjamin Moore's Genteel Gray was used throughout.

BEFORE: Old lino once again, but now in the bathroom. Making things worse was a crumling tile base molding.

AFTER: Now crisp and clean, the bathroom continues with the same colors.


  1. fabulous, fast, down & dirty makeover!

    nanne in indiana by way of alabama

  2. Wow! What a transformation! Love all the colors used!

  3. wow! the after space is gorgeous!! well done!

  4. WOW James, what an amazing job you did. Inspirational.

  5. Wow. I'm impressed. This space is so lovely now!

  6. If I got this much work done in my house, I'd neither call quick or slim! Fantastic!

  7. Wow what a difference some paint, new hardware and ect can change a place. The landlord should love you. You have increased the property value a great deal and should be easier to rent the next time around.


  8. Olá! o antes e depois da sala,cozinha e banheiro ficaram uma obra de arte ! gostei!