Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thomas O'Brien's Perfect Mix...

I sat down with one of my favorite decorating books this lazy Easter day and rediscovered the many reasons Thomas O'Brien is one of my favorite designers.
O'Brien's American Modern is filled with genius touch after genius touch.
I am totally stealing the photocopied hand.


  1. Wow, I can see why. I have the picture of the living room saved in my design files and did not know it was designed by him. Putting the book on my wish list.

  2. The image you like is a photograph of a photogram made by New York artist Gary Schneider (born East London, South Africa, in 1954.)

    The photogram was made by someone - probably O'Brien or his partner - imprinting their hand onto 10 x 8" film emulsion. The dark areas are deposits of heat and sweat that adhered to the emulsion. No magnification was used to make the original. Schneider then photographed the resulting photogram and and printed it in a larger size. Cool, eh?

    Schneider started making hand-print photos in 1993 - many of which can be seen in
    , a limited-edition artist's book, published by the Aperture Foundation in 2010.