Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FOUNDRY Candles Coming Soon...

Bin no. 142. Palmarosa. Wild-crafted Palmarose oil has been distilled since the 18th century and is known as an exotic stress reliever. Herbaceous and grassy with a lemony green scent and hints of rose geranium.
Bin no. 719. Holy Basil. Known as the royal remedy, Tulsi roots and petals are given to raise departing souls to Heaven. Vaguely anise-like. Minty and smoky, yet sweet and warm.

Bin no. 25. Branded Leather. Deep, dark, masculine and sensual. Smoky middle notes of frankincense and myrrh, enhanced by top notes of genuine leather oil. Like a vintage motorcycle jacket, an aphrodisiac at its best.

Bin no. 978. Ancient Calamus Root. A tonic to the mind, Calamus root is a holy anointing oil from Biblical times. Calamus root oil is an essential blend of roots and stems with an intense infusion of grass, bamboo and rain. Extremely earthy, Calamus has been called the closest thing to a sex stimulant that nature has to offer.

Bin no. 653. Orange Tinder. Oakmoss and soft musk notes mingle with orange blossoms and enhance veiled smoky layers of burning tinder wood.

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