Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rare Breeds...

Thankfully, a growing number of farmers are rediscovering
heritage livestock. For more on these beautiful AND healthy
creatures, check out the fascinating article via
Garden & Gun magazine. Yes, there are more
stunning photos by Eric Kiel.


  1. Those photos ARE amazing. Garden and Gun. What an odd name. Will have to check it out...

  2. Great images! I love how they are photographed against a dark background...takes the animals to a whole new level somehow.

  3. As the times they are a changin'...wouldn't it be wonderful if the small family farm made a comeback. I for one will be again raising chickens in my backyard...there is a joy to be had...and it is glorious!

  4. Because I have a friend in Cornwall who has these wonderful fancy ruffled looking chickens, I think my next home will be in the country and I will have chickens.. at least 2.
    Pup will be thrilled beyond imagining :)

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