Friday, February 11, 2011

Boulevard Leopold...

A sense of forgotten glory permeates the
rooms of the Boulevard Leopold in Antwerp, Belgium.
Once a 19th-century home in the middle of the
Jewish quarter of Antwerp, Boulevard Leopold
is now a comfortable bed & breakfast.
The house portrays a lived-in, but
minimalistic atmosphere.
The tiled ceilings are one of my favorite features.
Bert & Vincent have created a home
away from home — and I would love to visit.


  1. James, I agree; those tile ceilings are quite wonderful. Just a note of appreciation for all your inspirational and stylish posts.

  2. Another tufted velvet sofa to make me dream about .. I love those Art Nouveau tiles ! My daughter wants to live in Belgium, I have to send her here when she goes to visit.
    besitos, C

  3. If I could stay anywhere in the would be here. There are no words to describe how lovely and authentic it is.
    xo J~