Saturday, January 1, 2011

The King's Speech...

Yes, yes, the King's Speech is a great movie with brilliant
performances — but let's focus on the amazing wall treatments
throughout the film. With art direction by Netty Chapman
and set decoration by Judy Farr, this stunning film tells the
story of King George VI of Britain (Colin Firth), his sudden
ascension to the throne, and the speech therapist (Geoffrey Rush)
that helped the reluctant monarch become worthy of his title.
Here, speech therapist Lionel Logue is upstaged by
a dazzling art deco wallpaper.
Logue's treatment room is a beautiful, lofty space with
vaulted ceilings and enormous leaded glass windows.
The main wall is covered in layer upon layer of
peeling paint and plaster. I was seriously distracted
from the story by this expanse of perfectly mottled color.
Here's another shot of the wall serving as backdrop
for a Louis XV sofa.
Like I said, the movie is fantastic and Colin Firth
will no doubt receive an Oscar nomination. Still,
when you check it out, make sure you take a look
at all the walls in the background. I have shared
what stills I could find — but believe me,
there are plenty more to admire.


  1. I agree-that plaster wall was very distracting!It should be nominated for best wall in a drama.

  2. We will hopefully see this film, this week.
    I promise to pay special attention to the walls... or should I say I will try to pay attention to the actors while staring at the walls ? :)

  3. A Bloomsbury Life also did a wonderful post about the set might want to take a peek if you haven't already. When I checked last, the movie wasn't in our area yet...hopefully it is now, I can't wait to see it!
    xo J~

  4. Yes I agree. I died for the walls. Patina Patina Patina!

  5. Loved those walls and the fabrics. I could see it again just for the textures and patterns. Good post.

  6. I saw it last night and was driven to distraction by the incredible art decoration. The papers and textiles and wall treatments were amazing. So were Mr Firth and Mr Rush. Brilliant.

  7. agreed..most amazing film i've ever seen

  8. Thank you posting these pictures! The walls definitely steal the show in those scenes.