Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jarlath Mellett Part II...

These images are from Jarlath Mellett's shop. Here, he
displays a selection of Cire Trudon candles beneath glass cloches.
Great wallpaper!
Texture against texture.
I want this shelf.
Nature invades.
Such a great display.Pattern and texture collide.
Pristine pottery displayed on a vintage, rustic ironing board.


  1. That patchwork chair is awesome. I love the mix of formal and playful.

  2. Gorgeous! Such wonderful finds...I am OBSESSED with finding an old ladder to display my collection of vintage wool blankets and antique quilts! I love that industrial shelf too...I would love to find an old medical cabinet sitting in some dusty corner some day and scoop it up. Oh, there are such treasures to be found out there!

    The French Mouse

  3. I am utterly transfixed by both the wallpaper and that fabulous industrial style shelf. Love your finds...