Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Swiss Army Blanket...

Once stored in the caves of the Swiss Alps, these vintage
Swiss Army Blankets are now available through Deken.
Made of pure sheep's wool, the blankets come in various
shades of grey-brown and are marked with a
red and white cross-track.
The blankets are individually marked with the initials of
the maker — as well as the the year of production.
These blankets are proof that there is beauty in utility.


  1. have used these to reupholster small chairs, a great look. thanks for the resource, running out of blankets

  2. I went to your Deken link, but it is not in English.
    Can you tell me the price tag on those blankets?
    Thank you!

  3. Just click on the American flag on the Deken site for translation.

  4. Just came back to check.
    Thank you, I will do that right now.

  5. I've always loved these!! So I'm on the English version of the website, but can't figure out where the e-commerce component is... when I click on the blankets, it just opens a larger jpeg, rather than sending me to shop part of the page or anything. I'm sure I'm missing the obvious here...

    Thanks for posting this great find, definitely reblogging! www.thewonderlustjournal.com