Saturday, December 11, 2010


This great wrought iron coffee table is coming soon
to Finderskeepers Market. I love the way it is shown here —
storing wood for the pool house fireplace.


  1. I love it.
    It is difficult to tell if the dog is on the chaise or in the fireplace lol

  2. Your blog is really wonderful..........full of inspiration and poetry and i looooove this picture!!! Would like to add you to my bloglist, if that´s ok. for you?!!!! Wish you a lovely weekend,


  3. Thanks Jade. Of course, please add The New Victorian Ruralist to your bloglist.

  4. In the fireplace? LOL, I see what you mean. Click on the pic for the larger, better version. It presents things (i.e., the dog) a little more cleary.

  5. When I first glanced at this post and read 'multifunctional', I thought they were using a nonfunctional fireplace for a doghouse. It could work, I suppose...:-)

  6. LOL, I know but it was fun trying to figure it out without enlarging the photo. We could do a blog of just photos that people can't figure out :)
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend, ours is hot !