Monday, September 13, 2010

Visually defined ruralism at its finest...

You've probably already read about J. Morgan Puett
on a few other blogs already, but I just could not
resist sharing these images here on the NVR.
Puett is a coneptual installation artist. As with the
work shown here, some of her projects recreate
vignettes that recollect her simple
southern heritage.
Her artfully arranged and studied spaces
seem plucked from some Appalachian shack
inhabited by someone with a flair for making
their simple, appreciated belongings shine.
Here is an old photo from a display at
her Wooster Street store in NYC.
Some of these images are also from Puett's Eastern
Pennsylvannia artists' colony, Mildred's Lane.
The 96-acre property has been described as an
experiment in romantic decay.
Read more about Puett's world here.

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  1. Ahh, "Romantic decay" ... I grew up in the South and that phrase does bring back memories :)