Sunday, September 5, 2010

Finderskeepers' Exterior Makeover...

It has been very busy here at
Finderskeepers Market as we prepare for
our annual Fall Open House on September 11.
The exterior of the shop has received a complete
makover with a new coat of Knight's Armor.
The interior has a new look as well —
but I will be posting those photos a little later.
The front door's hardware is original
to our 1870's home. The house was originally
built for Vice President Breckinridge's granddaughter.
Here are some details on the massive front door.
We chose Da Vinci's canvas to pair with the dark
charcoal facade and putty-white trim.
This stained glass feature is also
original to the house.
The three-bay porch has an arched frieze.
Underneath the overhanging eaves are
paired brackets.
The porch reminds me of a cross between a
traditional Victorian and a storybook Swiss cottage.
My new favorite corner includes outdoor curtains
and a traditional porch swing. With Fall just around the
corner, I plan on enjoying this little nook often. The
porch floor has been painted Nettle by Porter Paints.
There are still a few details left to tend to, but I think
things are coming together beautifully.
To see our latest finds inside, join us for our Fall Open House
on Saturday, September 11 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.
I am so excited about the latest collections. We have
spent many hours curating the new wares and
creating the new displays — so we cannot wait
to share it all. Like I said before, watch
for the interior shots coming soon!


  1. Here, here. Love the dark charcoal colourway.

  2. Guys, the house is more beautiful than I imagined. Hope to experience it in person soon. Kudos!

  3. Gorgeous,gorgeous,gorgeous. I LOVE the outdoor curtains. What a great hideaway nook. You may go outside to find complete stangers reading a book on your swing. Or me.

  4. Looks gorgeous! I just realized I'll happen to be in town the weekend of your open house, and I'll look forward to coming by and seeing it in person then.

    Catherine Roberts Shteynberg

  5. wonderful. the door hardware is exceptional. colors couldn't be better. best wishes on your Open House....

  6. There aren't even words...other than, perfectly and graciously done. Your shop is beautiful, have a wonderful and successful opening tomorrow. XO J~

    I still can't get over how glorious it all looks...

  7. GORGEOUS!!!!!! I want to come visit!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous, I'm in love with every detail.