Thursday, September 4, 2014

Goodbye Joan...

A very, very sad day.  I can't express how much I will miss this woman.


  1. Yes lots of us will miss her humor on Fashion Police
    She was a ball needless to say
    and selling her jewelry on QVC or was it HSN? anyway I have watched Joan for years when she was first on Johnnie Carson show I thought OMG !!! what did she just say !!? we had never seen such jokes from a woman LOL
    I loved her hair in the picture you featured I always wanted my hair like that but never could get my small town hair dresser on top of the cut LOL

    she is already missed

  2. What a lovely picture . . . I just loved her spirit and strength (and oh god, how she made me laugh). And she left such a special gift for Melissa - last year was it? They were sitting down and talking before Joan went in for a procedure and she was saying that if she didn't make it that she has had a wonderful life with no regrets , , ,and she wasn't afraid of death. That's what a parent does - it means everything.

  3. She was amazing....made me laugh, which is always good.