Friday, July 4, 2014

FABLE + FLAME: The Thrill of The Hunt...

As I hunt for items for FABLE + FLAME, I am not swayed by an object's history.  In fact, I am rather indifferent to its origins.  My eye fixes on the item's aesthetic importance for me at that moment.  For instance, a ceramic glazed skull becomes something else when multiplied in a hotel vase and avoided by a swarm of paper butterflies.  I must tell a story with  my things.  If that story is obscure and poetic -- all the better.  To me, the find has to be beautiful and must be displayed in a beautiful way.  Objects must communicate in some way to speak to the viewer.  It is up to the viewer to recite the story any way they choose.  It is up to them to invest -- or not to invest.


  1. Beautifully composed. I love the paper butterflies. Happy weekend!
    xo Terri (always reading, rarely commenting!!)