Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Benjamin Moore's Southern Vine...

What do you think about the wall color?
image via House Beautiful


  1. It is such a dark photo, It is hard to tell what color it is .. dark olive ?
    I am one of the seemingly few people in the world who does not love dark colors on walls.
    The words murky and depressing come to mind.

  2. They say that memories are tied in the brain with smells but I think it's just as true with color. This color is exactly what my childhood vacation house's lodge was painted with. It overlooked the pool and lake and had a big fireplace, pool table and very lounge-y furniture and a well stocked bar. As soon as I looked at this pic I thought of playing pool in a wet bathing suit. Surprised me. What do I think of this color? Nice for a 70's inspired rustic vacation place but I'd never use it in my own house.

  3. I like it. In the right space and the right light it would be warm and enveloping.

  4. I like this; however, I love Kennebunkport Green by BM Take a look at it.

  5. I love this, but even better is Benjamin Moore's Kennebunkport Green. Take a look at it.