Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Finderskeepers Market Fall Open House 2013...

Call yourself a fan, a follower, a customer, a friend -- no matter, I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you for your continued support of Finderskeepers Market and The New Victorian Ruralist. Thanks so much for always showing up and supporting my passion.  The Fall Open House showed me once again how faithful our customers truly are and just how excited they are to share in our success.  Likewise -- every comment, kudo, and general appreciation shared here on the blog continues to motivate and inspire me.  Keep the feedback coming -- and please continue to share The New Victorian Ruralist with your design-loving buddies.  More photos from the open house event are on the way!
images via Tiffany Mitchell


  1. Each and every photograph is beautiful! I would love to visit Finderskeepers Market some day, but, until then, I will enjoy your blog and the well-chosen pictures you post here.

  2. I'm only a follower now but someday will be a shopper (hopefully). As always, amazing photos! Jan

  3. Oh, the little shoes under glass!

  4. Simply Beautiful!!! It all looks so comfortable and inviting. Great job James!