Monday, May 13, 2013

Old School Kitchen Utensils...

I'm currently a bit obsessed with old school kitchen utensils.  This fantastic photo of an vintage ice tray has me on a new search.


  1. Wish there were a print of this!

  2. I can remember using these ice trays! When my hands were wet and I grabbed that metal tray out of the freezer...ouch! Hand stuck to tray - not good! Then pulling up the lever to get the ice to crack out - not that easy. But we didn't consider it difficult back then - we had no other choice!
    Thanks for the memories!

  3. gosh, I remember how beat up these trays would get! s'pose it
    was from banging them to try to get the cubes to come out - what
    I wish for is an old crank ice-cream maker that isn't all crudded up - we
    used to have delicious ice cream in the summer that my mother
    made using goat's milk - so rich!
    old kitchen stuff is the best !

    Judy in Ft Worth

  4. lol, I grew up using those trays!